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How to treat a nose bleed

A nose bleed, like any other bleed, needs firm direct pressure to be applied for 8-10 minutes for clotting factors to form and the bleeding to stop.  Remember this is going to seem like a very long time to the person you are treating! 

DO: sit the person down, reassure them and pinch the nose at the tip. 

  • If it hasn't stopped after 8-10 minutes reapply pressure for a further 8-10 minutes you can use this time to ask the casualty if they are taking any medication.  If people are using medication such as warfarin which thins the blood it will take longer for clotting factors to form.
  • If the person becomes unconscious you need to lay them on their side in a safe airway position and check regularly that they are still breathing.

DO NOT: treat a nose bleed by tilting the head back and pinching the nose

  • Tilting the head back means that blood will run down the back of the throat and possibly into the stomach which could cause vomiting
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