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On our first aid tips pages we reference a number of documents from the UK Resusciation Council, the HSE, the Department for Education, and the Department of Health which are also available to download here.

If you have attended a React First Sports First Aid (SFA) course , Outdoor First Aid (OFA) course, or Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training, some of the course materials are available here for you to download for your ongoing reference.

Course Materials

MHFA - Being an Mental Health First Aider - Your guide to the role

MHFA - Quick Checklist - System requirements

MHFA England - Online Mental Health First Aid - Delegate FAQs

MHFA England - Online Youth Mental Health First Aid - Delegate FAQs

MHFA Online - Full System Requirements

OFA - Sample Monitoring Card

SFA - Sample First Aid Kit Cards

SFA - Sample Accident Report Form

SFA - Guidance on Creating a Sports Club Emergency Action Plan

SFA - SCAT5 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool version 5, April 2017

SFA - Child SCAT5 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool for children ages 5-12 years version 5, April 20

SFA - CRT5 Concussion Recognition Tool version 5, April 2017

SFA - Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport - 5th International Conference, Berlin 2016

SFA - SALTAPS Injury Assessment Guide

Health and Safety

Dept of Health - Guidance on the use of emergency salbutamol inhalers in schools, March 2015

Dept of Health - Guidance on the use of adrenaline auto-injectors in schools. Sept 2017

Dept for Education - AEDs Guide for Schools Nov 2014-updated Oct 2015

Dept for Education - Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions Sept 2014-updated Dec

HSE First Aid at Work - First aid needs assessment case studies

HSE First Aid at Work Guidance L74 - 3rd edition reissued with amendments 2018

HSE GEIS3 Selecting a first aid training provider, 2013

HSE RIDDOR 2013 - Incidence reporting in schools

HSE RIDDOR 2013 - Reporting accidents and incidents at work

HSE What you need to know about COSHH

HSE Myth Busting Poster - Plasters

Meningitis Trust - Symptoms Card UK

Meningitis Trust - Early Years Guide

Meningitis Trust - Teachers Handbook Meningitis Education for All

Diabetes UK - Children with Diabetes at School

Diabetes UK - Schools diabetes record card

Diabetes UK - When a child with diabetes comes to visit

EYFS - April 2017 - A Summary of Changes

EYFS Statutory Framework (First Aid ref: pages 22 and 36) April 2017

EYFS Managing Medications in Schools and Early Years Settings

Resuscitation Council (UK)

Adult BLS - AED Algorithm - 2021 Guidelines

Adult Basic Life Support BLS and AED Guidelines 2021

CPR, AEDs and the law, April 2018

UK Resus and British Heart Foundation - AED Guide Dec 2019

Emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions - Guidelines for healthcare professionals

Adult Choking Algorithm - 2021 Guidelines

General Interest

HSE 5 Steps to Risk Assessment

IOL Statement of Good Practice for Outdoor First Aid Training v3.1 Aug 2020

MHFA England - 10 Reasons

PHE Tick Surveillance Scheme Guidance - October 2019

RR708 Evidence-based review of the current guidance on first aid measures for suspension trauma

Skills for Health - Assessment Principles for Regulated First Aid Qualifications Nov 2016 v5