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First Aid for Children and Students (Yrs 4 -13)

When someone is having a heart attack, has serious bleeding, choking, is unconscious or in cardiac arrest, knowing what to do to help keep them alive until professional help arrives can give their chances of survival a significant boost. The skills you need for this are called Emergency Life Support skills, or ELS.

Children of all ages should learn first aid.  It is such an important life skill to have and the practical nature of first aid training means that the course is always a bit hit with the children and a really fun day.

According to the British Heart Foundation: "CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), taught in schools as part of ELS, might double a casualty’s chances of survival from a cardiac arrest."  Ref:

Course Timings

The course takes a full school day and will fit around your standard break and lunchtimes.

Course Content

  • Managing an incident safely
  • Calling 999
  • Rolling an adult or child into the recovery position
  • Performing resuscitation on an adult
  • Treating an adult or child who is choking
  • Stopping a bleed and putting bandages on

Course Certificate

Every child attending this course will be awarded an Emergency Life Support certificate of attendance which will be valid for three years. The certificate will also state the number of hours that the course was taught over, this may change from school to school according to the hours that you have available, typically the course has 5 contact hours of teaching.

Booking a Course

We can run in-house training at your venue for groups of up to 20 per instructor.  You simply need a room large enough to not only seat everyone but also to allow them to lie on the floor and be rolled around without bumping into furniture or each other.  Ask about organising a course for your group >>