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Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid for you
This course typically covers the essential life-saving skills found in most first aid qualifications. PLUS tailored content designed to suit your environment. Content is usually negotiated with the client and incorporated along with essential content into the final qualification course. Candidates are normally continually assessed by the trainer delivering the course.

The certificate can include a list of the qualification content and the number of hours attended for 'license to practice' purposes. It will have a valid lifetime of 3 years. The certificate title can be amended to reflect the content and rationale of the training e.g Basic First Aid for Gardeners.

Systematic approach to managing incidents
Dealing with collapse
Resuscitation & choking
Blood loss
PLUS tailored course content

Interactive hands on practical training
Modern training resources and methods
Easy to follow course manual for each candidate

The license to practice is revalidated by attending another basic first aid course within 3 years.