The React First Team

React First was established in 2007 by Jenny Pugh and Charlie Holmes. More interesting than their combined medical, outdoor, first aid and teaching experience is their unlikely backgrounds; Jenny studied Mechanical Engineering with French and Charlie read Philosophy and War Studies as well as training with the London Ambulance Service.  

Why they did not loose interest in running a first aid training after the first dozen courses is testament to the method of delivery and the amount of themselves they have put into developing all aspects of React First.  

We are incredibly proud of all of our trainers and assessors.  We have a highly skilled team of professional instructors who all hold teaching qualifications, have strong first aid backgrounds, and often a strong personal interest in sports or the outdoors if they are delivering specialist first aid qualifications.  

Most importantly all of our trainers are all skilled in delivering meaningful courses to candidates using a context suitable to the needs of the group. This training style, combined which a strong focus on practical elements, are the hallmarks of our courses.


Name: Charles Holmes
Position: Director & Head of Training
CV for Charles Holmes

During Charles'' extensive travels in remote areas of the world, Nepal, Namibia and Iceland he experienced many real life medical situations and near misses which prompted and encouraged him to develop his medical skills. Since first training with Rescue and Emergency Care (REC) in 2002 he is now a highly experienced first aid instructor of REC, Immediate Temporary Care (ITC) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) first aid courses. He has a key role in the operation of ITC as an External Verifier and belongs to the ITC Training Standards Commitee, helping to develop Awarding body function as legislation and good practice evolve and founded React First together with Jennifer Pugh in 2007.


Name: Jenny Pugh
Position: Director & Head of Sales
CV for Jenny Pugh

Jenny has always regarded first aid as an essential life skill, not just when she is on expeditions but in everyday life. Her introduction to first aid came in 1996 in the form of battle field first aid when she trained in the Bristol University Officers'' Training Corps. She has been improving her skills ever since and 2006 trained with ITC to become a qualified first aid instructor. She joined forces with Charles Holmes in 2007 to found React First delivering top quality first aid training across the UK.


Name: Michelle Douglas
Position: Office Manager
CV for Michelle Douglas

Michelle will usually be your first point of contact. Whether you have a question about which is the right course for you or need a replacement certificate for a course you have previously attended Michelle will be able to help with your enquiry. She manages the calendars for all our courses and trainers so if you would like to book a date for your own course, she will help you with that.


Name: Sean Rooney
Position: Senior Trainer
CV for Sean Rooney

Sean takes a very active interest in a wide range sports, and has trained for many years in and Western and Thai Boxing as well as Jiu Jitsu where he a qualified instructor. It was this that lead him to get involved in teaching first aid and become the national first aid coordinator for the Jiu Jitsu Foundation.  From these interests Sean has since qualified as personal trainer and sport massage therapist. Sean still has a day job working as a technician in the School of Applied Sciences for a university where he works as divisional safety adviser and runs first aid training for all staff.


Name: Denis Mills
Position: Senior Trainer
CV for Denis Mills

Denis is a highly skilled trainer and member of the React First team. His broad background in HM Forces, Police and the Outdoor industry have equipped him well to deliver fun and practical first aid training course.


Name: ITC First
Position: Awarding Organisation
CV for ITC First

React First has worked with the Awarding Organisation ITC First Ltd for 10 years. We admire their commitment to practical assessment and developing quality qualifications for leaners.  ITC has a strong, ethical ethos which matches our own. When you contact anyone associated with React First or ITC we will always do our best to do the right thing for you.


Name: Mark Harris
Position: Programme Designer
CV for Mark Harris

Mark has been teaching first aid for 11 years, with 5 yrs of that spent as the senior training manager and business development manager for the Red Cross.


Name: Wayne Platt
Position: Senior Trainer
CV for Wayne Platt

Wayne is a highly skilled trainer and senior member of the React First training team.  Based in Manchester he runs the Manchester Sports First Aid training programme as well as delivering the full range of React First, First Aid courses across the country.


Name: Luke Evans
Position: Trainer
CV for Luke Evans

Since leaving the office environment in December 2012 he found his passion back in the outdoors. In 2012 Luke trained in a specific outdoor first aid course. After seeing the way it was instructed and how fun and memorable it was to him, he decided this was his next step. Instructing first aid.   Over the years Luke has completed his Summer Mountain Leader Award and began his first step towards his International Mountain Leader Award. He summited his first high altitude mountain, Kilimanjaro in October 2014. Luke is now training Emergency First Aid at Work, Outdoor First Aid, Sports First Aid and Paediatric First Aid and enjoying every moment of it!


Name: Ian Moore
Position: ITC First Aid - Chief Verifier
CV for Ian Moore

Ian Moore is the Chief Verifier and driving force behind the fast-growing Awarding Organisation ITC First Aid. He has used his vast set of teaching, outdoor and life skills to develop course content, resources and national recognition for a full spectrum of ITC courses.

React First works closely with ITC First to develop and pilot new courses in particular in the sports sector.