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What happens on an outdoor first aid course? The Wild Native.

The Wild Native

/media/testimonials/library/doublequotes-66.gifWe thought the 1st Aid Training was excellent.  The content was good and it was delivered in such a way that was easy to understand. The equipment was all in good working order. The instructor was friendly but firm. He made people feel relaxed and at ease. Everyone took part, it was fun and informative.

We all filled in an assessment form at the end of the course. Thanks for organising it, Joanna. Definitely a company to recommend./media/testimonials/library/doublequotes-99.gif

Joanna Wilczynska, Learning and Development Manager
The Welcome People

/media/testimonials/library/doublequotes-66.gifThe course was fantastic. Jenny (the other one) was brilliant and took the course at a great pace, made it relevant to the coaches and ensured that we all had a full understanding before moving on with different topics. We would recommend her highly! Thanks for your help with organising the course. I will be sure to pass your details to our other members with a recommendation./media/testimonials/library/doublequotes-99.gif

Lucy Llewellyn, Performance Administrator
Scottish Golf Union

/media/testimonials/library/doublequotes-66.gifThe outdoor first aid course I attended with Joe was the best one I had ever attended, I was a police officer for nearly 40 years so have attended many others. I left yours feeling really confident about dealing with any future first aid incidents./media/testimonials/library/doublequotes-99.gif

Russ Ketley
Forest School Leader