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COVID-19 UPDATE - Alternative Delivery Methods for First Aid Qualifications

Is it possible to delivery first aid qualifications using alternative delivery methods to classroom and practical learning? In short the answer is no. 

First aid is a practical subject the the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) do not allow online learning for first aid qualifications. They have issued a statement to say that they still require first aid training to be face-to-face as they are concerned that if they relax this requirement it will set a precedent which will lower the standards of first aid training in the UK in the future.

However this only applies to the formal first aid qualifications. We still have a wealth of first aid knowledge which we can try to share with you via the internet  and very skilled trainers with no courses to teach. So we would like to look at producing some introduction to first aid videos for schools and some first aid refresher videos, in case you are sat at home with some time on your hands and want to brush up on your first aid skills or perhaps to learn a little more about the subjects that we don't spend as much time on in the practical classes; asthma, meningitis, diabetes........

You can give us your ideas, we've still got some fire-fighting to do from venue cancellations, course postponements etc, not to mention having to home school the children but once all that is under control.....:o)


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