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React First is a leading provider of sports fist aid training in the UK. Our practical, active and thoughtful courses are specifically designed for those working either as fitness instructors or as first aiders in a pitchside sports or contact environment.

We have two different Sports First Aid Courses:

Pitchside Sports First Aid with AED Training (ITC) - A 2 day course designed specifically to meet the needs of those responsible for first aid in a pitchside environment. The course covers all essential life saving first aid techniques as well as sports injury management and AED training, all of which are covered in the context of a pitchside environment. It is suitable for:

  • Physiotherapists and Osteopaths
  • Sports Coaches and Leaders in pitchside sports like Rugby, Football, Hockey etc
  • PE Teachers
  • Rugby and other Sports Club Members

Fitness First Aid (SCQF) - this is a 1 day course for those working in a sporting environment where the content of an Emergency First Aid at Work course doesn't cover things that it is likely they will be called on to deal with such as assessing and managing sports specific injuries and asthma attacks:

  • Sports Therapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Sports Coaches and Leaders
  • Group Exercise Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Martial Arts

For the full course content, CPD accreditation details and for answers to some frequently asked questions visit our Sports First Aid page. 

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Dates for Sports First Aid Courses in London over the next 6 to 12 months are in the diary so click here to visit our full open course calendar to book your place. or call us on 0207 193 2608.

London Sports First Aid Venues

  • Pimlico Academy, London, SW1V 3AT. Weekend courses for both Pitchside Sports First Aid and Fitness First Aid courses are run here.

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  • Royal College of Pathologists, London, SW1Y 5AF. A variety of weekday and weekend sports first aid courses of all types are run from this venue.

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  • University of London Union (ULU), London, WC1E 7HY. Additional weekend Pitchside Sports First Aid courses with AED training are run from here in Autumn and Winter.

React First is approved by the Awarding Organisation "ITC First" to deliver QCF and SQA First Aid Qualifications.


"Thank you for an excellent course which has thoroughly prepared me for becoming a sports first aider for trauma management in a multitude of different sports and environments.No other course that I attended has provided me with so much practical application and practice which has inevitably left me more than confident in dealing with scenarios which would ordinarily be beyond my physiotherapy ‘comfort zone''.I will definitely be recommending your course to my physiotherapy colleagues who have an interest in sports. Thank you."
Lisa Newey - Sports Physiotherapist
"I found the React First Sport Course very valuable for me as a physiotherapy student. I have become more aware and competent in how to carry out emergency first aid in sports and on the side line. The two day course was diverse, challenging and above all fun. The professional communication and performance skills I learned will no doubt further develop my physiotherapy training. Prior to the course I was unsure of how to respond in an emergency situation however now due to the practical and theoretical expertise offered I feel I am competent to manage an emergency incident both on an off the sports field.The practical training I received was extremely useful. The educator mimicked real life scenarios introducing an element of pressure in order to teach us how to react to the unexpected, non text book situations. Previous first aid courses I have attended never incorporated this and I found it both unique and most beneficial. From the practical training I felt I learned to communicate effectively with others, enhance my leadership skills in directing and delegating roles for help to bystanders whilst remaining calm, prioritising the casualty's management and above all being confident in the emergency action I was carrying out.The course has taught me the importance of personal and public safety. Managing airways, breathing problems and various injuries and emergencies in both the young and the old is applicable in every situation which will further my development as both a first aider and a future physiotherapist. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to do First Aid for a sports club as the training I received has taught me a skill for life:  The skill to help and save others."
Alison Kelly, Physiotherapy Student
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