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"I enjoyed the course. Charlie was fantastic. It was by far the best first aid course I have ever been on in 25 years of teaching, in which I did first aid and also lifeguard courses every 2 years. I liked it because it was very practical and so we actually felt we had a bit of experience and had made our mistakes when practising and hopefully not in a real incident. Also we didn't have loads of time spent on powerpoint presentations but Charlie did show some useful photos of injuries. I really feel the children and staff around me will be safer because I feel a lot more competent and confident."
Jill - Teacher
"As a twist of fate, I cut my finger using a machette while gardening on Monday. Very bad cut, but remembered your stuff about elevation, 10 min clotting and most of all how not to waste time washing under water. So I elevated, wrapped in kitchen roll and got my neighbour to take me to Whipps X hospital. Yesterday, I had surgery at Broomfield to repair a cut extensor tendon. So now months of hand therapy etc. But thanks for such a good (and useful!) course. I will try not to practice the rest of the course personally on myself!"
Ian Archer
Outdoor First Aid Course Attendee
"I work outside the classroom with my students a great deal: whether its in the school garden or on school trips. This course has increased my confidence to prepare against and deal with emergencies that may occur in these scenarios. Highly recommended."
Martin Crabbe, Chair
London Sustainable Schools Forum
"I would like to say that I have been on a few first aid courses before this one and was expecting to be bored out of my mind! But I have to say that this was definitely not the case, Charlie was clear, precise, very well organised, very accommodating to everybody's learning styles, and made the course real fun, a real credit to your team. I will definitely be recommending you to other people. Many thanks for an amazing course. Elliott"
Elliott Blain, ML
"We really have to thank you for the fantastic job you''ve done training our students. The course was perfectly adapted to their needs and the methods used, a combination of short teaching and practical sessions, really kept everyone motivated and interested.The group we have are often adults who struggled in education and who may have been long-term unemployed, so it is especially impressive that they were all engaged and able to achieve. The one-to-one support and extra time given to those struggling really made the difference.When we had our very own first aid emergency and I wasn''t able to complete the course, I very much appreciated the offer to attend an extra day to complete it!Thank you again, we look forward to working together in the future."
Em Cooper, AU Director
Adventure Unlimited
"University of London Union Sport prides itself on the variety courses that we can provide to our students at a great rate, which will not only benefit their careers but also benefit themselves and the community. The courses that React First provides to us, in specific the Sports and Outdoor First Aid Courses, are tailored to individual needs and requirements whilst also ensuring that all the essential requirements are met. The feedback from our students has been extremely positive for all the courses run by React First.On the administration side, the team of Jenny and Charles are always extremely efficient whilst remaining a pleasure to deal with. I hope that ULU Sport and React First can continue their partnership for many years to come and we would definitely recommend them to anyone for their professionalism and excellent service."
Karl Cummin, ULU Sports Administrator
University of London
"I attended the React First outdoor first aid course, and just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic weekend. I really enjoyed the course and felt it had lots of practical tips that I would definitely feel confident in using if I''m ever confronted with a real life situation.All the staff were encouraging and helpful, and were able to answer my questions thoroughly. It was very useful that lots of the skills practiced were geared towards the outdoors as I am a member of the Kings College London Mountaineering Club.Finally, as a medical student at Kings College London I have attended about 3 Basic Life Support sessions as part of my course in the first year alone. However this 2 day outdoor course went much further, and dealt with difficult and advanced issues that would not be covered on a less intensive course. So thanks a lot for a brilliant course that I feel has really equipped me with the knowledge and skills to venture into the outdoors safely!"
Martin Davies, First Year MBBS
Kings College London
"The course was tailored specifically for our needs and took into consideration the types of incidents that we, as a climbing centre, were most likely to encounter. For example, we requested some additional information on suspension trauma.The course was very practical which kept everyone interested and challenged. By focusing on the fundamentals of First Aid, the teaching was not bogged down by overly complicated or technical explanations.After this training, I am confident that my staff are able to deal competently with any First Aid situation that they come across. I am looking forward to having Charles come back and teach us again."
Audrey Seguy - Managing Director
The Castle Climbing Centre
"The React First ‘Outdoor First Aid''  course provided intensive hands-on training, essential for our staff who work  in all sorts of weather conditions with machinery and tools. The training was very thorough, easy to understand and all staff thoroughly enjoyed the emergency scenarios.I highly recommend this course!"
Kirsty Wedge, Events Coordinator
Trees for Cities
"Thank you for the great outdoor first aid course that you delivered for The Westway. The practical scenarios were excellent for getting people used to what they should be thinking about when faced with a real first aid situation. This is the first courses that I have been on where I can still remember weeks later what we learnt."
Shannon Law - Director
Westway Climbing Centre
"I would just like to thank you for the 2 day outdoor first aid course that I have just attended. I cannot tell you enough, just how much I enjoyed the course from start to finish.The course content was perfect and dealt with every aspect of outdoor first aid. Whether it was for fell walkers,mountaineers,skiers and myself an outdoor charity worker in Asian climates (Habitat for Humanity).This course has given me more practical, hands on experience of first aid that I have ever attended.It was nice to be able to practice and develop our skills as we were learning them rather than being bombarded with power point over load. I now feel more at ease and capable to react if the cry for HELP WE NEED A FIRST AIDER is ever given out. I have also now got the skills to be able to prioritise and manage any situation where first aid skills are required and it has given me the confidence to be able to step forward and to be able to manage situations where the need for aid may change and also to deal with multiple casualty situations.I cannot thank Charlie enough for his encouragement and for the way he delivered the course. He is definitely a person dedicated to his profession and for the care of others and his teaching skills are fantastic.Well done to you and to React First.P.S. Seriously considering taking the advanced course...might help if I get sent further afield than India!"
Chris Walton, Volunteer
Habitat for Humanity
"There is a reason why I thought of emailing you today  - I had to use my first aid skills for the first time. And guess what, it was similar to the last scenario you made me do last Sunday – luckily the guy was not bleeding – he ONLY broke his legHe climbed over a fence, fell and broke his lower leg. To cut a long story short I needed to cut his trousers and boots off to make sure that the blood supply was ok etc. Anyway while I was inspecting the leg (had called the ambulance and answered all of the questions of course as a good pupil does) another person came to assist and passed out when he saw the leg – luckily he came straight back and did not hurt himself but stillSo that''s why I thought I tell you – as I gave you a hard time last week that my scenario was not gonna happen – ha – that''ll teach meThanks again for a great course – and the manual."
Claudia Mayer-Scott, Team Leader
Habitat for Humanity
"The First Aid Course held at St Catherine's Lighthouse was a great success, and what is gratifying is that all the volunteer guides participating passed and enjoyed the course.There was no easy hand-out, the passes were earned, otherwise they would be of no use whatsoeverAlthough I am certainly not a pessimist, I had somewhat unwittingly already pre-assessed the forthcoming First Aid Course as somewhat of a repeat of the rushed and barely memorable St Johns Ambulance and Red Cross Courses I have attended before.I have had to throw those premonitions out of the window, and judge this First Aid course on its own merit, and what I feel was absorbed by the participants.  it was a great success.There was an element of changing the location and changing people around in the groups, thus ensuring that there was a continual mix in the groups which in real life would be much truer situation…it also meant that everyone had a different role to play, and thus had to consider the necessary actions for the varying forms of accidents or situations which they suddenly found themselves in. Scores were given within the groups, and it was soon realised and adopted that there was no easy fix or answer….if your colleague made a mistake, it was shown in a true score…a zero!  That greatly helped the understanding and the want to comprehend and arrive at the right result….the participants sought to find the right way to handle each different situation. Having the guidelines, but also depending on instinctive response and action to an emergency incident.Thank you."
Michael H Walter MA (Maritime Studies)
Maritime Heritage Tours Ltd
"Just a quick message to say a BIG thanks for a very good and thorough First Aid course.I thought it was top class. You have a very good training style and I and learnt so much.I will certainly be promoting your company/training to other depts and services."
Mark Gadsden, Youth Development Worker
London Borough of Havering
"As part of the Outdoor Education course at Pencoed College we felt that a First Aid Course was an essential element to the course whereby as potential leaders/instructors it was important to gain not only a relevant technical qualification, but also the necessary experience and training to deal with any minor or emergency situation. At the beginning of January, we invited Charles Holmes to deliver a three day First Aid course to a number of our studentsI couldn''t fault it. It was very practical course that gave me the confidence to deal with potentially life-threatening situations Joshua Hughes

The First Aid Course was warmly received by both staff and students and the “hands-on” approach in delivering the course kept all the students enthusiastic and attentive throughout the course.  Competence, especially where this relates to safe practice, can only be assured by appropriate on-going training and regular revalidation to complement continuing  involvement with outdoors activities and because of this positive experience from the course we would certainly look to run the same type of course again next year."
Michael Bird - Outdoor Education Director
Pencoed College
"I just wanted to send my thanks to React First for the outdoor first aid training course I was on back on the 26/27th of April at Banbury. Its one of those things that you do the course to prepare yourself but hope that you never have to you it.I was required to use my training this week while at work; a gentleman fell to the fall in our cashiers queue. I was in my interview room with my manager when someone came in to let him know that some had collapsed. We both went over and I could see that no one attending to him correctly, so I jumped in and took control!!! He wasn''t breathing and pulse was extremely weak, so I started CRP, to cut a long story short the ambulance arrived and took over after about 15 minutes of me working on.They actually came back later to thank me for my effort and said that if I had no done anything he would have been dead before they arrived. The gentleman is still in the ICU and is still critical but I have been told by his son who came back in to see me as well that he is so grateful, as the hospital say that so many times no one does anything and at least he has the chance to say goodbye and be with him as he heart is very weak and may not make it.So I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the skills and confidence to have a go. I felt that I was the best person to do the job even though I am not the first aider at work; I took control, and did the best I could. I did forget a few of the steps but it''s an amazing feeling to know that I could do it even with all the stress around me.Thank you again."
Katie Hughes
"Charlie and Jenny of React First are marvellous instructors.  The feedback we received from our volunteers who undertook the React First training was wholly excellent.  Every part of the course was top-notch.  Unbeknownst to Charlie and Jenny, one of our first volunteers was, in his professional life, a trainer supervisor; he had attended hundreds of courses and he said React First was among the very best.  The course was fast paced and very hands-on, but Charlie and Jenny made sure that every person there understood the pertinent points.   The course was intense, highly engaging and enjoyable, and the time flew by.React First went to great lengths to ensure that we, as a house-building charity, were happy with the course content.  Our volunteers go to building sites in hot countries, where accidents have the potential to become very serious indeed.  Charlie and Jenny wrote a bespoke syllabus that covered in detail all the major hazards our volunteers face. The quality and thoroughness of React First training programme has given me confidence that my volunteer first aiders are ready for anything."
Rob Chidley - Training Co-ordinator
Habitat for Humanity
"Dear Charlie and Jenny,I just wanted to thank you both for a really excellent course. I did not expect anything other than the standard fare when I travelled to your course; as you know I just needed a course quick!I have held the MIC for 7 years and SMLTB qualifications since 1992 and as such I have been through a similar syllabus several times with some of the most well established organizations in order to keep my qualifications current. I was also a Royal Marine for 20 years (I left in 2004) and as such had a fair amount of military first aid training.I only have good feedback for you. It was the best course of its type that I have been on. I had been performing CPR for real just two weeks before and the training you delivered was spot on and entirely relevant to that type of immediate first aid and things would have been a lot easier if that incident had come after the course!I and the others really appreciated the amount of practical work we did and the repetition of the simple routines. Having been involved in a lot of training myself I really was struck by the amount of thought you clearly have given to the methods and style of instruction. You managed to keep everyone happy and fully engaged at all times and I know how hard that is to achieve. Simple routines and loads of scenarios with a practical, thought provoking and blame-free scoring system combined with great instructional technique has got to be a winner in the first aid training world.I shall recommend you to my pals and I shall see you in 3 years time.All the very best"
Adrian Cole MBE
"I have been talking to the students and staff who attended on the course. The feed back from them all is that it was a great first aid course and very good value. Two of the people on the course who have done a lot of first aid courses said “it was the best they have done”."
Jethro Moore - Operations Director
Outposts Ltd