1st October 2013 - New First Aid Regulations Take Effect

First Aid Changes October 2013

You should no longer see first aid courses advertised as being 'HSE Approved' and you should no longer see any training providers saying they are 'HSE Approved'.

The Health and Safety First Aid regulations have finally been amended so that the HSE no longer approve first aid training or qualifications.

This means that  the onus has shifted onto employers to satisfy themselves that first aid providers are ‘up to the job’ of providing first aid training that is suitable as the HSE no longer approve first aid training providers or qualifications.

The HSE published document ‘HSE GEIS3’ provides a 4 page due diligence check list with appendix for employers that they have to keep for inspection. Some added bureaucracy for employers when booking first aid training!!??

NO, DON'T PANIC! “Due to awarding organisations offering ‘regulated qualifications’, you do not have to use the checklist to satisfy yourself of the competency of that organisation.” [ref. para 12 GEIS3] This means that if you use a training provider, Like React First, who is a centre Approved by an Awarding Organisation to deliver First Aid Qualifications you DO NOT have to do this due diligence you can assume that the organisation is competent to provide first aid training for you. SIMPLE.

More Information

  1. Read the HSE press release October 01, 2013 here for more information.
  2. Download the updated First Aid at Work guidance on regulations:  This third edition takes account of the amendment to regulation 3(2), which removes the requirement for HSE to approve the training and qualifications of appointed first-aid personnel, and to incorporate some additional amendments brought about by other previous legislative changes.

    These changes were made following a recommendation from 'Reclaiming Health and Safety for All: An independent review of health and safety legislation', by Professor Ragnar E Löfstedt, which was published in November 2011.
  3. Download the HSE Information sheet here: GEIS3 Selecting a first aid training provider

If you have any more questions about these changes and how they affect you please don't hesitate to email us at info@reactfirst.co.uk or call us on 0207 193 2607.