How to Remove a Ring Stuck on a Finger

How to remove a ring stuck on a finger

You've tried everything, soap, butter and it's just not coming off! If it's your favourite ring and you just can't bear the thought of having it cut off then read on for a little trick that works when all else has failed. 

It may be a little bit painful but it could save you a costly trip to the jewellers and all you need is some dental floss / tape and a paper clip!

If you suspect that the finger could be fractured or if there is any neurovascular compromise or any obvious deformity DO NOT use this method, instead you must seek immediate medical attention.

Step 1
Open up the paper clip and tie one end of the dental tape around the paper clip.  Use the rigidness of the paper clip to pass the tape under the ring.  Leave the long end of the tape on the finger tip side of the ring.

Step 2
Take the long end and wrap it quite firmly around the finger.  Contine wrapping and spiralling down the finger towards the knuckle.  This can be a little bit uncomfortable so try to do it as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Step 3
Holding the end that you have been wrapping in place, take hold of the other end of the tape which should be between the ring and the patients knuckle.  Unwind the tape from this end pulling firmly and maintaining the tension.  Continue unwinding it over and around the ring…..with a little luck the ring will slowly slide down and off the patient's finger, much to their relief, and yours!