First Aid Trainer Induction

React First is a centre approved by the Awarding Organisation ITC First Ltd. As well as delivering ITC First qualifications ourselves, we also train others to become independent First Aid Trainers or ITC Centres.

ITC First is the only Awarding Organisation to offer such an extensive range of First Aid Qualifications from both the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). They also have a range of non-accredited first aid qualifications for niche markets and other first aid courses for you to deliver.

They actively encourage and support you to expand your training portfolio and we have enjoyed working with them for the last 7 years.

About the Awarding Organisation 'ITC First'

ITC First is a fast growing awarding organisation. They are actively expanding the range of qualifications that you can deliver through them. Currently the following are available:ITC First

  • First Aid Qualifications
  • Workplace Compliance Qualifications
  • Teaching and Learning Qualifications
  • Internal Quality Assurance Qualifications

ITC First has a national brand and all your courses will be marketed on their website to help you gain more participants.  You are also given access to the internet based ITC back office system which makes it easy for you to keep track of all your courses and attendees and send out timely reminders before certificates expire. You can even integrate directly to their system from your own website calendar.

As an ITC Centre you automatically have access to:

  • A large range of courses to develop your Trainer portfolio
  • Online course management including online ordering of certificates and manuals
  • Automatic reminders about renewal for your candidates
  • Free nationwide advertising of your courses

Becoming a First Aid Trainer

You will have noticed that it is now quite difficult to become a freelance first aid trainer! If you are only interested in running a small handful of courses every year as a side-line venture then it probably isn't going to be worth the time, effort and money required to become a trainer and then maintain your trainer status year on year. 

To become an First Aid Trainer for React First you need to:

React First train a very small number of carefully selected people every year to become trainers for us who we also support to become their own ITC Centre and develop their own first aid training business. Almost all of our trainers come to us because they have attended one of our courses as a candidate and liked the style so much that they want to learn to deliver courses in the same way.

We only take a small number of people because we put a lot of time and effort into mentoring each trainer so that they deliver the high quality of training that sets us apart. It takes time and commitment from both parties to make this happen. If you are passionate about teaching and learning, have an interest in first aid, the outdoors and sport

  • Attend an interview with one of the company directors, Jenny Pugh or Charles Holmes.
  • Attend a 2-day First Aid Trainer Induction course. Over these two days you will learn the essential paper based processes vital to running a course. You will learn about the assessment principals and practices employed on a first aid course,  you will be given the key training methods that we require you use on all of our courses

    Once you have successfully completed our First Aid Trainer Induction course you will be given a tailor-made action plan to observe and assist on Emergency First Aid at Work courses with the aim of running an full EFAW course to the required standard within a 6 month period. 
  • You need to be committed to running a minimum of 6 training days per year for React First.
  • Hold a current First Aid at Work certificate.
  • Hold a current teacher training qualification. The minimum qualification is a PTLLS, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector or Level 3 Award in Education and Training.
  • Email a letter of application along with your CV to, attaching copies of your qualifications and an up to date CV.

Click here for more information about what qualifications first aid trainers and assessors need to hold.

Course Calendar

Sorry, but we do not have a course scheduled at present. We run the course regularly, so please telephone or click here to use our enquiry form


Course - Level 3 Award in Teaching and Assessing First Aid Qualifications - 5 days

This course is suitable for anyone who requires an entry level, further education, teaching qualification. You may already have a specialist subject and be wanting to learn more about how to teach, assess and enable people to learn about that subject or you may simply have an interest in the process of learning itself without a specific subject area that you wish to teach.  Once you sign up for the course we will ask you to write a letter (or email) of intent describing how you are planning to use the qualification and if you have any specialist subject areas. This allows the course instructor to research any specialist areas that he is not already familiar with in order to use examples and set a context on the course tailored to your own learning needs. 

You should already hold a Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work before attending this course.

Mark Harris

Course Tutors

Our Level 3 Award in Teaching and Assessing First Aid Qualifications (TAFAQ) courses are run by Mark Harris. As well as holding the necessary qualifications and having extensive life experience, most importantly Mark had a passion for the study of how people learn and breaking down barriers to learning.  Formerly a business development manager at the Red Cross he is now the director of a regulated training centre which specialises in delivering first aid qualifications. As well as holding an HND in Social Sciences, Developmental Psychology and Sociology he has worked in residential childcare and he runs talks, workshops and qualifications on a variety of subjects.

Mark's enthusiasm for understanding the psychology of learning and how to put that into practice is infectious. His ability to select known teaching methodologies and creatively apply them to help students learn effectively, regardless of their background or the subject in hand, is impressive. He is an inspirational trainer and keenly shares all of his knowledge and experience with you to make this a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile course.

Course Programme

The nominal time for this course is 120 hours, consisting of 40+ hours contact time and the remainder of hours programmed reflection, research and micro-teach delivery.  The programme is delivered as a block of 5-days

The daily routine will be course contact delivery for about 7 hours and then an open ended finish to the day for preparation for next day, assignments to be drafted, drafts to be reviewed and analysis of the day.

Days 1 to 5 - 09:00 - 17:00

What is covered on the Level 3 Teaching and Assessing First Aid Qualifications (TAFAQ) course?

The teaching programme is relevant, dynamic, practical, challenging and innovative, covering 3 main areas:

  • Understanding the first aid training sector.
  • Delivering regulated first aid training and qualifications.
  • Assessment in the first aid training sector.

How is the course assessed?

The assessment of this qualification occurs within the 5-day programme and consists of a 20 question multiple choice question paper and tutor observation of candidates teaching and assessing first aid topics.

After the course what is left to do before I can teach my own first aid courses?


Course - Join the React First Team - First Aid Instructor Training

React First is always on the lookout for new people to join our training team.  We train trainers to deliver high quality first aid courses with the same passion and enthusiasm as ourselves.  We deliver the full range of RQF and SCQF first aid qualifications and specialise in Sports First Aid and Outdoor First Aid as well as First Aid at Work and we have a lot of expertise to pass on to potential new trainers who may wish to specialise in different areas of first aid training. All of our courses use predominately practical training and assessment methods. 

Even if you already hold the required teaching and assessing qualifications and a First Aid at Work certificate we do not believe that it is possible to attend a 2 day first aid trainer induction course and then be immediately competent to both teach and assess to a high quality. If you just want a 'tick in the box' to deliver courses you will find other organisations which offer such a course. We do not give new trainers a huge powerpoint of signs, symptoms and treatments and then  expect candidates to be assessed using long multiple choice question papers. First Aid is a practical subject and as such our courses are highly practical as are the assessment methods.

Our candidates commonly describe our training as 'the best course that they have ever been on', we want your candidates to do the same.

The 2 day First Aid Trainer Induction course, runs over 2 days and costs £490+vat. It will introduce you to the first aid industry, to working with an Awarding Organisation and give you the blueprint for delivering high quality first aid courses, it is the start of a process of apprenticeship.  After these two days we will put together a programme of course observations which gives you the chance to watch our experienced trainers delivering, initially, Emergency First Aid at Work. You will write your lesson plan for this course, based on a template plan which you are provided with and we will review it with you in detail.   You will then set up and run your own Emergency First Aid at Work course with a minimum of 6 candidates (they can be friends or paying clients) and we will send an Internal Verifier along to observe and, hopefully, sign you off as being competent to run the Emergency First Aid at Work course. This visit costs £180+vat.

You then have three possible options:

  1. become a staff member at React First as a self-employed freelance trainer.
  2. become an employee of React First on a full-time or part-time contract depending on how many course types you can deliver.
  3. in combination with 1. or 2. become a centre registered with the awarding organisation  "ITC First" and set up your own first aid training business.

If, at any point in the process you no longer wish to continue with the mentoring and sign-off process you are not tied to React First, or the awarding organisation 'ITC First', you have two options; :

  1. become an independent centre approved by the awarding organisation 'ITC First'. You will not have any links with React First.
  2. become an independent centre approved by another awarding organisation. The background to the first aid industry and to working with awarding organisations as well as the training skills that you have learned will help you with this process. You will not be able to use any of the 'ITC First' specific course materials.  You will not have any links with React First or ITC First.

React First trainers and well as those trained by us now running their own businesses run the same, excellent courses. We strongly advise that you attend on of our first aid courses before signing up to the trainer induction course so that you can experience our training methods for yourselves and see if you share our passion for the delivery of excellent training. 

Happy Trainers

"I chose to train as an ITC Trainer with React First having been thoroughly impressed with a First Aid course which i attended with them previously.  From day one of my First Aid Instructor Training Jenny and Charlie’s enthusiasm rubbed off. Their upbeat teaching methods made learning fun and their use of positive feedback was always so constructive.

Their continued support throughout my training period was second to none, many hours being spent rehearsing sessions and putting the final professional touches to my deliveries.

I can’t thank you both enough for being such brilliant tutors and for all of the encouragement and friendship you have given me."

Trisha Moulton, New ITC Trainer, May 2012

"I just wanted to thank both of you for the excellent guidance and tuition throughout the trainee trainer course ran a few months ago. i felt that thoroughout all stages of the journey to becoming both a FAW assessor and EFAW trainer you went out of your way to ensure that i was helped in all aspects of the course. I now feel extreamly confident in running first aid courses and believe it was your excellent professionalism, tuition and guidance that helped me develop my teaching skills. From the start there was a clear step by step process, which was excellently explained and easy to understand.

I look foward to hopefully working with you in the future."

Gary Earl, New ITC trainer. April 2011

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